Ashley Hough

Different Types of Quilt Batting

Ashley Hough
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Duration:   6  mins

There are many different types of quilt batting available on the market today, and different quilt batting can give finished quilts very different looks and feels. Ashley Hough shares some of the different types of batting, what their main characteristics are, and when to use them.

Types of Batting

While numerous different types of quilt batting can be found online, the most common types of batting to find in fabric or craft stores are cotton and polyester. These are two of the most-used types of batting as well as two of the types that are the most cost effective. Ashley shares some of the qualities that each batting has and explains why one might be chosen over the other.

She also talks about some of the different colors of batting available and explains when it might be a good idea to use different colors, such as when to use white batting over a natural-colored cotton batting. The quilt batting you choose to use may also come down to the size of batting available for the size of quilt you are making, though piecing together quilt batting is possible.

End Result

Choosing the right quilt batting determines how your final quilt will look—whether this is a small art quilt meant to hang on the wall or a large bed size quilt. Ashley talks about some of the types of quilt batting that are good choices to use if you are wanting to make a quilt that drapes very well over the edge of a bed. She also shares some of the types of batting that do not share this characteristic.

Knowing where your quilt will be used, whether in a warm climate or a cold one, can also have an effect on which type of quilt batting you choose. Ashley shares which battings are generally warmer, which are cooler, and which are more breathable.

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3 Responses to “Different Types of Quilt Batting”

  1. Romona

    I prefer warm fluffy quilts. What would be the best batting to purchase.

  2. Dawn Newman

    I have found bamboo comes through when I quilt, whether by hand or machine both I and the machine end up covered in fluff. Am I doing something wrong?

  3. conniejohnson919

    How do you launder them?

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