Ashley Hough

Feathered Star Quilt Block

Ashley Hough
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Duration:   37  mins

Quilt blocks are designed with a variety of skills required. Join Ashley Hough as she explains the various techniques that will assist you as you create a feathered star. She breaks down the units into easy-to-follow steps, loaded with tips for all skill levels to understand. There are many variations of the feathered star quilt block that exist. In this pattern, you will use the downloadable feathered star templates to cut the various patchwork pieces.




Ashley demonstrates the piecing of the triangles that make up the feathers along with the pressing instructions. She utilizes the chain piecing technique making the production of these small units go quickly. The templates used in the construction of this feathered star quilt block also have blunted corners for a more exact alignment of your patchwork pieces. The correct alignment of these is critical to the beauty of the feathered star quilt block. Once you see the progression of the construction, you will find that what used to seem daunting, becomes a logical step-by-step process.

The words partial seam sometimes make even the most accomplished quilter hesitate. Our seasoned instructor walks through the steps of setting in the diamond patchwork pieces making this easier than you ever dreamed. Once you have gained all the skills needed to make the side units, it’s on to the corner units. Here you will find that you will be repeating skills from the previous unit. The perfect way to reinforce learning is to repeat the steps and gain confidence in your abilities.

In order to finish assembling the feathered star quilt pattern, Ashley will show you how to assemble the units in a 9-patch fashion. She shows you how to add the three larger triangles to each side unit, along with tips on nesting seams and pressing instructions. Then, you will learn how to create rows where the partial seam plays a vital role in completing the feathered star design. A few simple seams and your feathered star quilt block is born.

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