Colleen Tauke

Upcycled Batting

Colleen Tauke
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Duration:   24  mins

A quilt consists of three layers, the patchwork top, batting and backing fabric. Typically quilters will purchase and cut a continuous piece of batting 5-6 inches larger, in both directions, than the patchwork quilt top they will be completing.

But there are times when we purchase pre-cut battings and then end up trimming away strips of batting that we hate to discard. Saving up those pieces and strips leads to the dilemma – how can these be used and what is the best way to tackle joining those pieces to make the desired quilt batting?

Colleen Tauke is your instructor for this video. She will demonstrate three approaches you can use to up cycle and utilize those leftover pieces into the perfect sized batting. A hand stitching method is a common method. It will join the pieces with a simple whip stitch and she will give the pros and cons of this technique. The second method is machine stitching. In this method you will learn the width and length of stitch needed to join the pieces and the appropriate presser foot to use for this kind of stitching. The last method utilizes a fusible product that can be found in LQS or online.

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