• 3:15

    TrueSharp 2 Rotary Blade Sharpener

    Rotary blades that cut properly reduce stress and frustration when cutting patchwork. No matter how careful we are with our rotary cutting tools, blades eventually lose that perfect edge. What is a quilter to do? Dull blades tend to lead to accidents and injuries, which none of us want to experience. The Grace Company has…

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  • 4:01

    The TrueCut System

    The beginning of quilting and piecing is precision cutting. Finding the best tools for each quilter can be a challenge. The TrueCut system is designed to assist those who are looking for comfort in cutting and help keep the blade aligned with the ruler. First, the My Comfort Cutter has a handle engineered for alleviating…

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  • 19:12

    Binding Corners

    The last step in creating a quilt is the quilt binding. That also includes making the binding corners and that is an area many quilters find challenging. Join Colleen Tauke as she provides step by step tips and tricks for making those corners as beautiful as the patchwork it surrounds. Preparing the binding strips, but…

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  • 8:54

    Pressing Quilt Blocks

    The ultimate goal in patchwork and quilting is to create a “flat” product with parallel outer edges. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule when making art quilts and table runners with unusual angled edges. That being said, there are a few places that can cause distortion, when pressing blocks and pressing seams within…

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  • 14:02

    Loading & Quilting with the Cutie Tabletop Fabric Frame

    Creating patchwork is the first area of quilting we encounter as we learn the process. Next comes quilting the quilt, but where do we start? And once you have started, you find dragging the entire quilt “sandwich” through your domestic machine more of a chore than you realized. What are the options available? Do we…

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  • 16:47

    Triangles with Foundation Paper

    The most common unit used in patchwork is the half-square triangle. Making them by joining two triangles is tedious, making them two at a time is an improvement. But, how about cutting either strips or rectangles and stitching 10 or 20 in a matter of minutes, making multiple half-square triangles? Your instructor, Colleen Tauke will…

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  • 17:19

    Square Within a Square Blocks

    In the craft of quilting, we are challenged to make a variety of geometric shapes. Once we begin to create those interesting designs, there are times when the math becomes “interesting” and doesn’t always fit into the easy-to-cut ¼” and ½” increments we find easiest to navigate. The square within a square block is one…

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  • Matching up cut fabric points

    Quilt Points

    When we view patchwork, many of us begin looking for the quilt “points”. The points are defined as the intersection of seams, which can be simple corners of squares and rectangles, but more often our eyes travel to the areas of a quilt top that contain triangle shapes. Those more interesting angles and how perfectly…

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  • Sewing with a sewing machine

    Sewing Partial Quilt Seams

    Learning new techniques and skills as a quilter can be a challenge. Video is the perfect platform for learning about sewing seams that are in a partial seam quilt block. The ability to rewatch and pause can assist you as you work your way through this new approach. Once you have mastered this skill, you…

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