How to Repair Holes and Tears in Quilt Tops

Hi there, I’m hoping you can help me. I have a newly finished quilt that got a small hole in the top from my cat’s claws. What’s the best way to repair this so that my quilt still looks okay? Submitted via Facebook Not to worry, this should be a fairly easy fix. If the… Read more »

What to Include on Quilt Labels

When making a quilt label, is it appropriate to include the name of the person who designed the pattern? And is it necessary to contact the designer of a quilt pattern to receive permission to enter a quilt (made using that pattern) in a quilt show? Submitted via email When it comes to quilt labels,… Read more »

Can I Mix Old and New Fabrics?

I have inherited some hand piecing work from my mom. They were probably pieced during the 1920s or 30s. I’m thinking of making borders from new fabric (with an older, heirloom look), but I am a little concerned about incorporating old and new because of strength, durability, etc. What do you think? Submitted via email… Read more »

Where Should I Place My Ruler?

In terms of measuring, I have often wondered whether the line on a ruler should sit ON the edge or BESIDE the edge of the fabric? I know it might only be a whisker difference but should I only see fabric beneath the measurement line? Submitted by Denise What a good question! I personally prefer… Read more »

Quilting in Sections

Would you advise quilting in sections on a single bed quilt with border for a beginner with an old sewing machine? Submitted by Denise Hi, Yes, I would recommend quilting in sections. When I quilted my first quilt it was a bed size quilt done on a basic Brother machine. I started in the middle… Read more »

Thread Color for Machine Quilting

I’m learning to use your quilting methods on my longarm machine. They are very clear and well done, thank you so much. My question is: You suggest always using the same thread on the bobbin as well as the top to eliminate the bottom thread showing up at any time on the top, and as… Read more »

Adhering Embellishments to Art Quilts

I love the look of decorative embellishments on art quilts, but how do you adhere them to the fabric? Sometimes it doesn’t look like there is any stitching at the top of the embellishments. Submitted by Debra Hi Debra! This is a great question. It can be so much fun to make these embellishments, but… Read more »