Top 10 Game-Changing Quilting Tools

The pioneer women who quilted over a hundred years ago did amazing work with the simplest of tools: scissors, needles, and pins. Up until the middle of the 20th century quilters were making pattern templates using cardboard boxes, re-drawing the shapes as the old edges wore out. Today we have a huge array of quilting

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NQC LIVE! September 2017

In this month’s live event with Heather Thomas, learn about a fun way to color fabric by rusting it, get tips for sewing together hexagon quilt pieces and see alternative ways to hang art quilts.

What’s a New Quilting Trick You’ve Learned?

After years of doing something you’re passionate about, a person is bound to pick up handy tricks along the way. Some tricks may be obvious, while others may be more intricate. Everyone has their own technique when it comes to quilting, but it really comes down to what works best for you. We decided it

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Top 5 Quilting Tips from the Experts

We talked to our team of expert quilting instructors and asked them what special tip or technique they thought every quilter should know. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced quilter, these five essential quilting tips will ensure your time at the machine is pleasant and productive! Check out the chart below for the five

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Happily Engaged in the Creative Process of Quilting

When I decided to retire from teaching I was asked, “What will you do?” People wanted to know how I would fill my time when I opted out of teaching. I realized they also wanted to know how they would spend their time. After all teachers have a hurried, jam-packed schedule filled with children, bells,

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NQC LIVE! July 2017

In this month’s live event with Heather Thomas, get tips on how to make your binding look professional on both the right and wrong side, learn how to secure your backing fabric when basting your quilt and get ideas on how to make a Family Tree Quilt.

How to Choose a Machine Quilting Service

Love piecing and appliquéing quilt tops, but hate the actual work of quilting? Or are you in a hurry to finish a gift for a special occasion? A long arm quilting service can help, provided you pick the right one. You put plenty of effort into creating your quilt, so the person you choose to

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NQC LIVE! June 2017

During the June NQC LIVE, Heather Thomas discussed how to pre-wash pre-cut fabrics like charm packs and jelly rolls, shared ideas for how to quilt redwork quilts and other blocks with embroidery and provided tips for making better fabric selection choices when it comes to planning out a quilt.

Tips for Half-Square Triangle Piecing

If you’re tired of following someone else’s patterns and are ready to get creative with your quilt designs, half-square triangles are the perfect way to start. Using these simple two-piece blocks, you can create hundreds of different quilt top designs, from simple pinwheels to intricate portraits. Half-square triangles are the most versatile of all the

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