Ashley Hough

New York Beauty Block

Ashley Hough
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Duration:   40  mins

A New York Beauty block is the perfect combination of a foundation paper pieced section and several curved sections cut from templates. Ashley Hough shows you how to make one of these fun blocks step by step.

New York Beauty

A standard New York Beauty block is made from two basic parts: a foundation paper pieced section that makes up the “spikes” of the block as well as both inner and outer curved sections that bring everything together into a square.

Ashley begins by showing the block templates and gives ideas on how to determine color and fabric placement within the block. This is a good first step to do with any block, especially if you are creating your own block.

Ashley then gives tips on how to cut out the curved template sections from both the printable paper patterns and the fabric. Once those sections have been cut, Ashley moves on to show how to cut and prepare the fabric for the foundation paper pieced sections. She shows how to measure each spike section to determine what size of fabric should be used to ensure the entire area is covered.

Once all of the fabric has been cut, Ashley shows how to piece the foundation paper pieced section of the New York Beauty block including showing how to align, pin, trim, and stitch the pieces.

Once pieced, Ashley shows how to do a final trim of the spiked section and then demonstrates how to attach it to the previously cut curved sections. She gives tips for curved piecing, including showing how to mark the centers, how to ensure the edges are aligned and how to evenly distribute the fabric along the curve.

If you enjoyed making this New York Beauty block, consider trying a Kaleidoscope block, which also features fun spikes and points.

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