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Tear Away Quilting Designs from Urban Elementz

Ashley Hough
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Duration:   6  mins

If you shy away from free motion quilting because you aren’t sure how to mark the quilting design onto your top in a way that is easily removable – Tear Away Quilting designs from Urban Elementz are the perfect solution!

In this tutorial, Ashley Hough shows you what these quilting designs are and how they can be used. These designs, which can be used on blocks, borders, corners or all-over, edge to edge quilting, are printed onto a lightweight paper that is adhered to the quilt using a temporary spray adhesive, like 505 spray. You then just quilt your quilt, following the lines of the designs, and then tear the paper away afterward.

To use these designs, first decide what it is you want to quilt. Besides their selection of blocks, border, corners, and all-over edge to edge designs, Urban Elementz has several designs that perfectly pair with Dream Big panels by Hoffman, which can be quilted on their own, or combined with blocks and borders to make a larger quilt.

For the quilted Dream Big panel shown in this tutorial, Ashley used the following designs:

Dream Big with Avalon

Daisy Doodle Border

With these tear away quilting designs from Urban Elementz, the all-over, edge to edge designs can be used as either a pantograph to cover the entire quilt top or as a single border strip. These strips can be cut or extended to fit any quilt or project. With dotted lines, and easy to see through paper, lining up multiple pieces is simple.

Urban Elementz has tear away designs available for all levels of quilters, so even if you’ve never done any free motion quilting before or still consider yourself a beginner, they’ve got easier designs to start out with and practice and of course more complex designs for those more advanced.

These Tear Away designs can be used on all types of sewing machines, from traditional domestic machines to long arms. As with any free motion quilting, the type of foot you choose to use- either a free motion foot or a regular piecing foot, is up to you.

Ashley explains that while quilting, staying exactly on the line shouldn’t be the main goal. Using the design as a guide, and keeping your movements fluid is more important than tracing the design exactly. If there is an element within a design that you don’t like or is something that you struggle with, like a small circle, or swirl, you can always skip that part, which will make the design unique to you.

For this part of the tutorial, Ashley used the following block:

Splish Splash Block

Once you’ve finished quilting, tearing away the paper should be done firmly. Just grab a section and tear!

Urban Elementz specializes in creating quilting designs in whatever format a quilter prefers-paper pantograph, stencils, design boards, and computerized quilting formats. They have been in the quilting business, specializing in designing for 20 years. So, no matter your design preference or skill level- they have something for you.

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One Response to “Tear Away Quilting Designs from Urban Elementz”

  1. Heather Johnstone

    I live in Melbourne Australia and was very interested in the video about tear away. I am particularly interested in the designs you used in your videos. As l am a beginner and have made three small quilts l am not too sure yet how to do motion quilting? My next question is how do I buy the packet you were using? Kind regards Heather Johnstone

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