Set-In Seams & Fabrics for Quilts

Kelly Ashton
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Duration:   20  mins

Join us in this video as Kelly Ashton discusses the y seam and the amazing patchwork created using this technique. Sometimes referred to as set-in seams you will learn the basics of where they are found in a variety of star blocks, hexagon, and wagon wheel blocks. She provides excellent examples of how value and color positioning impact a quilt block with the y seam for added depth and dimension.

There is a discussion about fabric grainline – crosswise grain and lengthwise grain and what is a true bias line. Kelly covers information on stabilizing your fabrics with starch or starch alternatives in order to reduce the amount of distortion that can occur when cutting and piecing shapes that contain a bias edge or edges. The stabilization of the bias will lead to sewing y seams with beautiful accuracy.

Next, Kelly provides visually, dynamic examples of cutting choices when making blocks with y seams. Will your blocks have a planned organization or be more chaotic? She points out how altering the cutting of a diamond on a striped fabric can lead to a wide variety of outcomes. She also shows how the y seam blocks can be calmed by adding an additional quieter fabric and provide another interesting possibility.

Pre-washing is also discussed with pros and cons considered. Kelly also addresses dye migration and how she checks individual fabrics to ensure that dyes are stable and the fabric is ready to be used in a quilt. When piecing blocks with y seams that take a bit more time, having less worry is always a plus.

The last topic Kelly presents is a discussion on fabric selection. Quilters cotton and batik fabrics are her fabrics of choice when sewing y seams. She provides information on flannels and why they may not be the best choice for those just learning the y seam technique for construction.

The Lone Star block and Tumbling Block videos will provide more instruction on the y seam and great ways to practice a new skill through beautiful patchwork projects.

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