How to Print on Fabric: Create a Unique Hot Pad

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Duration: 14:11

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Hot pads are great quick and easy projects that can be made in just a few hours. Ashley Hough shows you a fun idea for how to print on fabric to create a hot pad with a recipe and instructions printed directly on it.


For this project you will need fabric, heat resistant batting, paper and an ink jet printer. Ashley shows you how you begin by first printing out your recipe title, ingredients and instructions on regular paper to ensure that you like the way everything is laid out. From there you will see how to print on fabric using a standard printer and black ink. Ashley demonstrates how to prepare the fabric for printing by securing it to a piece of printer paper with tape. She explains that it is important to secure all edges of the paper so no loose threads get caught while printing. After the fabric is taped to the paper, ensure you know what side of the paper your printer prints on and run the fabric and paper through your printer. After the fabric has been printed on, remove it from the paper and cut into the desired sections. You can also use the same technique to print photos on fabric.

Layout and Construction

Once you see how to print on fabric to create the main focal point of your hot pad, you can lay out your design as desired. Ashley shows how she arranged her sections with the recipe title and ingredients on one side and the instructions on the other. She then demonstrated how to stitch the sections down and fray the edges slightly to give the hot pad more texture. After the front and back of the hot pad have been stitched they can be layered with heat resistant batting and quilted as desired. Add a binding and this quick and easy project is ready for use or ready to be given as a gift.