Ashley Hough

Unique Applique Design Technique for Quilting

Ashley Hough
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Duration:   14  mins

Making an applique design can be as simple as drawing a design on paper. Ashley Hough shows you how you can take a pencil drawing or simple sketch, enlarge the lines and make it into an applique design that can be used on a fun two piece applique quilt project.

Fabric and Design

This project is made from just two pieces of fabric, hence the name two piece applique project. One of the pieces of fabric is for the background while the other piece is for the applique design. You want the pieces of fabric to contrast with one another so the design stands out. Ashley shows how she uses a multi colored printed fabric for the background and a plain white for the design. Ashley then explains how you can take a drawn design and thicken the lines. Doing this makes the design easier to both cut out and stitch in place. Once the design is done, it is transferred onto either a fusible web or a fusible interfacing. Ashley explains the difference between the two products as well as why one product may work better than the other depending on your design.


After the design has been transferred onto the fusible web or interfacing, it can be applied to the fabric and the applique design can be cut out. Ashley explains that it is helpful to keep a copy of the original drawn design around as a reference when cutting the fabric to ensure you are cutting out the right areas. Once cut out the design can be pinned or fused in place and then stitched. Ashley shows several different applique tips and techniques by explaining and demonstrating a blanket stitch as well as showing how the design can be stitched with a straight stitch as well.

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