Colleen Tauke

Square Within a Square Blocks

Colleen Tauke
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Duration:   17  mins

In the craft of quilting, we are challenged to make a variety of geometric shapes. Once we begin to create those interesting designs, there are times when the math becomes “interesting” and doesn’t always fit into the easy-to-cut ¼” and ½” increments we find easiest to navigate. The square within a square block is one of those shapes. When seams intersect, we normally strive for ¼” seam allowances to occur. Your instructor, Colleen Tauke will present this technique along with a tool that can assist you in successfully meeting your goal—the square within a square.

Piecing a Square Within a Square Block

Traditional Method

The traditional method gets us close to a perfect block. We will examine the needed shapes and properly oriented grain lines that are needed to successfully piece a square within a square block. Your instructor will walk you through the properly configured cutting and math needed for the square within a square block. Cutting the outer half square triangles allows the outer edge of your finished block to have straight of grain along all four sides. This prevents distortion of the shape and gives greater strength to the overall block within a quilt project. You will also see the proper placement of those triangles and the seaming process. The traditional method of making a square within a square block will finish close to the proper size.

Using the Square Squared tool by Studio 180 Designs

Using a tool made by Studio 180 Designs called Square Squared, the math has been done, and any pattern can be adapted with ease for piecing the square within a square block. The tool has a threefold advantage. There is a template for cutting the center square to the exact size. It contains a quick reference chart for the size of the half square triangle cutting and lastly, it is a trim tool for exact blocks every time.

Your instructor demonstrates all three uses of the tool for a square within a square block.

The ease of using the template for exactly the size needed—not a fraction we readily have on our quilt rulers, the chart for the proper half square triangles and the perfect trimming of a square within a square block.

To gain more valuable piecing skills and tips, follow these links for information about “points” and how to master curves in quilting, a technique for a future project. Seeing techniques in actions is a great way to fine tune your skills

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