Colleen Tauke

Bag Corners

Colleen Tauke
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Duration:   34  mins

Quilts come in a variety of sizes, from mini projects to the king size bed quilt. Our creativity doesn’t end with quilts that are flat. We venture out into projects that are dimentional, such as bags, pouches and box shaped organizers. But what are the steps to making those specialty shapes? Let’s learn a couple of ways to approach those items.

Join Colleen Tauke your instructor for everything “boxed”. You will learn the perfect approach to making a beautiful bag corner along with a coule of methods for finishing off those interior seams for a finish that ends up flawless. Once you learn these techniques you can adapt them for bags and zipper pouch creations you may design yourself. The first technique utilizes a seam finish stitch to encase the exposed raw edges.

During this demonstration you will learn how to measure and properly mark each corner for the desired finished size. This created that flat bottom for your bag. The second finishing technique is one that is very popular with today’s “makers”, the covered seam method. In this demonstration you will learn bag corners that are pretty on the inside of the bag. The raw edges are encased with what looks like binding. Learn how to determine what size to cut strips for the bag corners and interior seams.

Then see a demonstration of how to apply the strips, taking into consideration the beginning and ending of each piece. Then learn a fabric glue stick shortcut that can assist in turn the edges for either machine or hand stitching. Boxing the bag corners can now be done with perfection and with an additional construction detail.

To see see a video for a tote bag made with charm squares or to buy the pattern follow the link provided here.

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