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Grace Q’nique16X Home Quilting System

Colleen Tauke
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Duration:   15  mins

I wanted to complete my quilts as a new quilter. From the first cut to the last stitch, I wanted my quilt to be finished by me. That is the honest feeling many quilters have, and it’s a sense of accomplishment to be involved in every aspect of a project.

The Challenge of Quilting Larger Projects

But when the reality of actually quilting a larger quilt sets in, many find it daunting. The Grace Company has created a system that makes it a real possibility for that dream to be a reality. The Grace Q’nique 16X paired with the Grace tabletop frame is the answer for many quilters.

Enhanced Quilting Experience

No longer needing to drag a layer quilt sandwich through a narrow domestic machine and the flexibility to move the machine smoothly over the fabric, it’s all a quilter could want. The Q’nique 16X features a deep throat for a wide quilting area as the device glides across the frame. The generous lighting provides an excellent environment with adjustable settings to create a comfortable, light level for the individual quilter.

Key Features of the Q’nique 16X

The Q’nique 16X has an onboard bobbin winder, so you are quilting. This ensures that your next bobbin is close at hand—no need to store a separate winding machine. We will walk you through the various simple settings using the onboard touch screen. By entering your thoroughly wound bobbin into the system, you can get a low bobbin alert when it is running low. We will show the adjustability of the handles in angle and depth. This makes it a perfect fit for quilters.

Other features we will discuss are the needle up/needle down setting, the edge warning setting, and how they can assist in keeping you gently within the appropriate quilting area. It can be set with an audible alarm or a simple lighting system over your stitch area. The Q’nique has excellent features to help you quilt like a pro.

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