Colleen Tauke

NQC LIVE! My Woven Hearts Mini Wall Hanging

Colleen Tauke
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Duration:   32  mins

Join Colleen Tauke on Tuesday, January 25th at 10:00am CT.

Let’s indulge in a little nostalgia. You might remember making cute little heart pockets like these to collect all the adorable Valentine cards your classmates gave you in school. Download the pattern here. For this project, I couldn’t resist creating the woven design, and piecing is a treat with a simple setting that makes it a winner for every skill level. Whether you select Valentine prints you just had to take home from your LQS or your favorite fabric genre join me for a bit of “quilty” fun. The free downloadable pattern includes yardage and a cutting chart for three different sizes: the mini, the table topper, and the toddler/lap quilt.

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4 Responses to “NQC LIVE! My Woven Hearts Mini Wall Hanging”

  1. Linda

    Cute pattern. Am thinking of trying the small one, as I have never worked with such small pieces. Thanks for your instructions. Very helpful. Also like the table topper with the bright batiks.

  2. DEBRA

    Trying to download the free pattern, but it goes to a basically black page

  3. Jes

    The cutting instructions are incomplete; forgot to include cutting 20 1 1/2” squares from the medium pink. Also if you don’t mind a suggestion, instead of cutting out all those tiny 1 1/2” squares and sewing them into nine patches, it would be so much easier to strip piece—-cut out 3 1 1/2” strips of dark, and 3 of med( approx 12” long), and sew into units. One would have two darks and one med in middle, and other would be reverse, 2 med with one dark in middle. Then all you need to do is use rotary cutter and cut into 1 1/2” strips. Then your horizontal rows of the nine patches are already sewn together without having to sew each square individually. Much faster and easier

  4. Jesucita Cerda

    Thank You. You were very informative. I love to sew, but quilting is a little new. I have made bowl cozies placemats and mug rugs. But I am going to try this. I always like to try something new in crafts

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