Ashley Hough

NQC LIVE! October 2020

Ashley Hough
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Duration:   1  hrs 2  mins

Experts Ashley Hough and Colleen Tauke chatted about all things quilting during our October Q&A. Watch it now if you missed it live!

Download our Halloween Mask Pattern for 4 cute additives to your costume – there are 5 patterns for masks and 5 patterns for treat bags!

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2 Responses to “NQC LIVE! October 2020”

  1. Lu

    Hi I’m making my first T shirt quilt for a friend whose husband passed away. How would you recommend quilting it on a standard machine and Do you quilt on the Tshirts themselves or around them. I also had to piece together and stabilize a tshirt, how should I secure the pieced surface?

  2. Sandy Moffett

    For the newbie, what is the best quilt to start with that will be pretty but now overwhelming?

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