Colleen Tauke

Quarter Inch Seam Test

Colleen Tauke
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Duration:   22  mins

Learning the basics of any craft or hobby is always essential to a successful experience. Quilting is one of those crafts that does have a few core skills that need to be mastered. Pattern designers use the 1/4″ seam as the basis for fitting all patchwork together. With this as the foundation, they then plan designs and patterns so that all the patchwork pieces will fit when joined.

In this video Colleen Tauke your instructor will provide a variety of ways to test your 1/4″ seam by cutting three fabrics and then seaming and pressing to determine if your seaming accurate. Once you have run this test, you can find ways to adjust your seam if you find the seam to be deep large or too small. Sewing machine companies have also designed a few helpful presser feet that can be purchased to aid in achieving the accurate 1/4″ seam. These can be very helpful and most machine companies have designed one or more to assist quilters.

We will also discuss alternatives to the presser foot purchase. If your sewing machine allows you to adjust the needle position, this too can be helpful when using a standard piecing foot. By moving the needle to either the left or right it can be possible to use the right outer edge of the presser foot for an accurate 1/4″ seam allowance. Once you have mastered this skill, the accurate 1/4″ seam seam, assembling a patchwork quilt top becomes more enjoyable.

Combined with precision cutting and proper pressing techniques you have the core skills need to construction nearly any quilting design. Visit our video archives to learn more about specialty tools and find free patterns, or become a member for in-depth courses and instruction.

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