Colleen Tauke

Simple Methods for a Diagonal-Set Quilt

Colleen Tauke
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Duration:   18  mins

There are many choices when completing a patchwork quilt top. Will you create rows using your quilt blocks, or will you turn them 45 degrees and set them “on point”? This means setting them in a corner, which can completely change the perception of the blocks. What are the things to keep in mind when cutting these setting triangles? What methods for cutting setting triangles will work best for your specific project? Join Colleen Tauke as she presents two simple methods you can learn to complete a diagonal-set quilt design.

First, we will discuss what a diagonal-set quilt means and what is needed to finish the outer edges of this type of quilt. The setting triangles need to have a specific orientation of the grain line to avoid stretch and distortion along the outer edge of the patchwork quilt top. Your instructor covers the traditional method for cutting the two types of setting triangles required for this style of quilt. Cutting triangles from squares is the most common method. The side setting triangles are described as “quarter-square triangles” cut from a large square of fabric. The corner setting triangles are “half-square triangles” cut from a smaller square. A downloadable chart is provided for quick reference that you can use when determining what size of squares are needed when cutting setting triangles with this method.

The second method involves the Easy Diagonal Sets Ruler. This allows you to reference the tool for the correct strip size. Cutting setting triangles from strips is a very efficient way to cut the triangles needed for the “on point” style quilt. The tool is used in two ways. Simply rotating the tool provides the proper alignment for cutting the side setting and outer corner triangles.

By arranging the proper triangles with your patchwork blocks, your instructor will demonstrate the diagonal row construction. This makes assembling the diagonal-set quilt much simpler than it appears. Joining together rows for an alternative setting can add real interest to your patchwork design.

For additional video instruction about cutting setting triangles and quilt designs, follow the links provided here.

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