Quilt Backing Basics

Kelly Ashton
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Duration:   25  mins

Completing a patchwork quilt top is such an accomplishment, but now you are faced with the selection of an array of quilt backing options. What is a quilter to do? Find the answers to all your questions as your instructor Kelly Ashton methodically steps you through all the considerations. You will learn about all the possible fabric types used for quilt backing options, yardage options and different methods of piecing a quilt back.

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Kelly presents great examples of how the selection of a backing fabric can highlight or disguise the machine quilting on a quilt. Other considerations include cost of various fabric styles and availability. She also provides great examples of shrinkage that occurs on a variety of quilt backing options and how the density of quilting impacts the finished quilt. An in depth discussion helps you to understand the percentage of shrinkage that occurs and what to expect after a quilt is laundered.

Next, your instructor will present information about wide backing vs. piecing quilt backing choices. She steps you through the measuring process to accurately determine your quilt top size, and then explains the additional margins may need to be considered when purchasing fabric backing. A great set of diagrams steps you through the creation of piecing quilt backing. Along with vertical and horizontal seaming options. This includes cutting backing for quilt use and why additional yardage may need to be considered. Shrinkage, long arm backing margins and squaring the backing are all discussed.

Lastly, Kelly demonstrates piecing the quilt backing. The removal of the selvage, using a ripping process for a straight edge and how to accurately piece the seam with a pinning technique. She suggests pressing the seam to one side, but also takes into consideration who and why a long arm quilter may have a preferred technique. The final step to square up the remaining ends of the quilt backing.

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