ZJ Humbach

Favorite Tool: The Stiletto Tool

ZJ Humbach
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Duration:   4  mins

A sewing stiletto tool can be the extra hand you need when trying to keep fabric layers feeding evenly through your machine. ZJ Humbach shows you how to use one.

Sewing Stiletto

ZJ begins by showing what a sewing stiletto looks like and explains some of its features.


Sharp Pointed Tip

The main component of a sewing stiletto is the very sharp pointed tip. Because of how sharp and pointed the tip of the tool is, it will come with some kind of covering or top. ZJ shows that the one she has unscrews at the center to release the top and allow you to get at the tool. It is always good to practice basic safety in the sewing room, so be sure that you don’t lose the lid to your stiletto, and always replace it when the tool is not in use.

Small Ring

She then shows another component of the sewing stiletto she has, which is a small ring on one end that allows you to place it on a loop or lanyard to ensure it’s always in reach.

How Can a Stiletto Tool Be Used?

ZJ then demonstrates several ways the sewing stiletto tool can be used.

Beginning of a Seam

The first way is at the beginning of a seam. Especially if the fabric being sewn is bulky, it can be difficult to begin a line of stitching.

Guide and Feed

ZJ shows how to use the stiletto to easily guide and help feed the fabric under the presser foot to begin sewing.

Seam Allowance

She then shows how it can be used again when sewing over a seam allowance. In many home decor and garment sewing projects, a pattern will tell you to press seams open. This will mean that as you are sewing up to a seam allowance already stitched, one side of the seam allowance has the potential to get pushed the wrong way with the presser foot as you try to stitch over it. ZJ shows how to use the tip of the sewing stiletto tool to make sure that the seam allowance stays in the correct direction.

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One Response to “Favorite Tool: The Stiletto Tool”

  1. Sharon Miller

    What is the brand name of the stiletto and where can you purchase one?

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