ZJ Humbach

Essential Equipment for Your Quilting Bag

ZJ Humbach
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Duration:   11  mins

These days, quilting doesn’t always have to be done at home. And while you may not be taking your quilting camping as ZJ Humbach does, you may be traveling to a class or quilting retreat. See what items you should pack in your bag to ensure you always have everything you need.


When packing a quilting travel kit, there are several items that are definite essentials that you wouldn’t be able to quilt without. These include your sewing machine and all power cords and pedals, a cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter, and an iron and pressing mat. These are often the largest items you will be packing in your bag as well, so you may want to pack them first to ensure they will fit and are not forgotten. Other essentials needed when taking your quilting on the road include the current project you are working on, thread, bobbins, and pins.

Other Items

Once you have all of your essentials packed into your bag, you can begin to add other useful items. Some of the items ZJ travels with include a small light, extra water for her iron, and a portable bobbin winder. ZJ explains that she also likes to bring along several reference books. These include the book or pattern that she is currently working on, a general quilter’s reference guide, and the manual to her sewing machine. She explains that it is also a good idea to bring extra needles, pins, rotary cutter blades, and even an extra pair of scissors and snips.

How to Pack

ZJ shows all of the supplies she likes to bring when taking her quilting on the road and explains how she packs them. ZJ groups and organizes different supplies in their own small boxes so they can be easily found when needed. She also explains that it is a good idea to have several of some items if possible, so one can always be packed in travel bag ready to go and won’t be forgotten.

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