ZJ Humbach

Keep Your Machine Running Smoothly

ZJ Humbach
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Duration:   9  mins

Keeping your sewing machine running smoothly will not only prolong the life of your machine, but it can help make sure that all of your projects turn out the way you want while avoiding stitch-quality problems or other machine issues. ZJ Humbach teaches you how to clean your sewing machine and shares with you some of the necessary sewing machine cleaning tools.

Clean Your Machine

ZJ begins by talking about one of the main things that makes a sewing machine dirty: lint. All fabric produces some amount of lint as you sew with it, and allowing it to build up in your machine can cause all kinds of issues, from stitch-quality issues to tension problems. She then shows some of the common sewing machine cleaning tools and brushes that generally come with the machine when you purchase it. She explains that all of them can be used to clean away lint and dust, and that brushes like those shown are to be used rather than something like a can of compressed air. She explains that compressed air can just push the lint and dust further into the machine, where it can’t be reached without taking the machine apart. ZJ then discusses all of the parts of the machine that should be cleaned with the brushes. Another aspect of machine maintenance that can help keep your machine running smoothly is oil. ZJ shows what standard sewing machine oil looks like and talks about how to use it. Not all machines require oil, so consult your manual if you are unsure if your machine does. ZJ then talks about other parts of the sewing machine that should be checked and cleaned on a regular basis. Regular cleaning and maintenance should keep your machine running smoothly, but if you are having any issues, check out the sewing machine troubleshooting tutorial. Then, once you have your machine sewing smoothly, learn new sewing machine techniques, handhold, and movements.

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