ZJ Humbach

Ironing Board Improvements

ZJ Humbach
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Duration:   5  mins

While most ironing boards that can be purchased at either fabric and craft stores or big box stores are all fairly similar and work well, there are several products that can be used to improve them. ZJ Humbach shows what several of these products are and shares which are her favorites to use and why.

Ironing Board Improvements

The first product that ZJ recommends using to improve your ironing board is a new ironing board cover. She shares what her favorite brand is and explains some of the features that it has that makes it a great cover. One of those features is that you can not burn or accidentally singe your fabric while pressing using this ironing board cover. This is because of what the cover is made from, which is a material that is designed to reflect some of the heat from the iron as opposed to absorbing it.

Having this material in your ironing board cover also means that you can iron and press your fabrics on a lower heat setting and still get a good, crisp press. Another feature that ZJ likes about this ironing board cover is the amount of padding it has. She explains how the additional padding can make ironing over and around buttons on a shirt much easier.

Another product that can be a helpful quilting tool and supply is an ironing board cover fastener. This fastener is a small length of elastic with clips on either end that help to tightly secure your cover onto your board. Having a flat cover on your ironing board with no puckers can make your ironing and pressing much easier. Once you’ve improved your ironing board, check out additional tutorials for more tips and techniques you can use in your sewing room and on your projects.

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2 Responses to “Ironing Board Improvements”

  1. Marilyn Ferlauto

    where can I buy the Miracle Ironing Board Cover?

  2. Cher

    <strong> Ticket#20847 I purchased a Miracle ironing board cover and found it is slick and fabrics slide off. Any suggestions?

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