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Iron Quick Fabric

ZJ Humbach
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Duration:   4  mins

An iron and pressing surface is something quilters use when assembling most quilts and projects. As with anything else that is used repeatedly, there will come a time when it needs to be replaced. Rather than buying a new pressing surface or ironing board, learn how to make a new cover for one using iron quilt fabric- ZJ Humbach shows you how.

Iron Quick Fabric

ZJ begins by explaining some of the features of iron quick fabric, including how it can be found. In addition to being available as yardage, you can also find it in smaller packages, which can be useful if you are wanting to make a cover for a small, tabletop ironing board or smaller pressing surface. ZJ explains that iron quick fabric is a reflective, heat-resistant fabric, which is what makes it the perfect fabric for a pressing surface.

ZJ then uses a small ironing board as an example to demonstrate how to make a new cover for the board. She explains that the first step is to remove the old cover and to do it in a way that allows you to lay that cover flat and use it as a template to cut the new cover.

After she demonstrates how to make a new cover for a pressing surface, she gives several other examples of how iron quick fabric can be used. One of these ways is to create a fun project like a potholder or trivet, either from an existing potholder pattern or by using up spare blocks you might have. In addition to using iron quick fabric to make a new cover for an existing pressing surface, ZJ also has additional tips on other ironing board improvements that can be made.

Along with keeping a new ironing board cover clean and ready to use, you should always do the same with your iron. ZJ also shows how to clean your iron using several different products.

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One Response to “Iron Quick Fabric”

  1. Mary Robinson

    Where can you purchase Iron Quick Fabric? Joann or Amazon did not have it.

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