ZJ Humbach

Time Management: How to Start Quilting Projects

ZJ Humbach
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Duration:   11  mins

Between work, family, and errands that need to be done, it can be hard to find time to quilt. ZJ Humbach shares tips on how to start quilting and how to make time for it every day.

Make it a Priority

Whether you want to finish a quilt to give as a gift for a holiday or you are making it for yourself, making it a priority will help you get it done. ZJ explains how putting quilting on your schedule can help you find time to finish. Rather than feeling like quilting is only something you can do when you have free time, putting it on your schedule makes it just as important as other daily tasks.

A Few Minutes

Another tip ZJ shares for how to start quilting is to not feel like you have to get everything done at once. Many people feel they have to get a lot done at one time on a quilt or spend hours at a time on a project. However, ZJ explains that a few minutes a day can really add up. She suggests setting a timer and allocating a specific amount of time a day to quilting. During those few minutes a day, you can accomplish one part of a project, whether that is pressing, cutting, or maybe assembling one block. ZJ also shares how you can use production sewing methods or other quilting techniques to help streamline the quilting process.

Mystery Quilt

For some people, the hardest part of learning how to start quilting is allowing themselves to only do a little at a time. If this sounds like you, ZJ explains how a mystery quilt can help. Mystery quilts, much like a block of the month quilt or series quilt, gives you small amounts of the pattern and instructions at a time. You have to complete the first step in order to move on, and in most cases the next step or set of instructions won’t be available until a certain time in the future.

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