Uses for Orphan Blocks

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When trying out a new design or making a quilt up as you go, it’s not uncommon to end up with an extra block or two. Rather than throwing those blocks away, or putting them on a shelf where they’ll never get used, get some fun ideas for orphan quilt block projects to make with leftover quilt blocks.

How to Make Orphan Quilt Block Projects

ZJ Humbach explains what an orphan quilt block is and how you can go about having them. One way is that you are making up a quilt as you go and end up with a few extra blocks. Another way to have extra or orphan blocks is that you are wanting to practice a new block design and technique without making a whole quilt and you only make a few blocks.

Either way you accumulate them, ZJ gives you several ideas of what to do with extra quilt blocks. If you have more than one of the same quilt block, or several blocks that you think will go together well, some of easiest orphan quilt blocks projects are table runners or wall hangings. ZJ shows examples of both of these projects, explaining that all they require are simple sashing strips or borders, which also make them easy scrap quilt ideas.

Other fun and easy projects for what to do with old quilt blocks include projects that only require one block. These projects include pillows, hot pads and even Christmas stockings. ZJ shows examples of all of these different types of projects and explains how quickly and easily they can be created. While you may have ended up with extra quilt blocks because you were practicing a new block piecing design or method- you can now use that block as a way to practice new or different quilting methods, motifs or fills. Once you play around with all of the fun orphan quilt block projects you can make, check out “Making Scrap Quilts with Torn Bits and Strips.”

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