Making Scrap Quilts with Torn Bits and Strips

Duration: 4:27

Heather Thomas talks about using torn bits and scraps of leftover fabric on smaller quilting projects to create fun, unique pieces. She shows several examples of her own work, including a project that she based off of her daughter’s scribbling and a few pieces that contain schlubs, or thread that gets left behind in the dryer.

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14 Responses to “Making Scrap Quilts with Torn Bits and Strips”
  1. Terry Couts
    Terry Couts

    Never thought about this, but will look at bits and pieces a lot different now.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • National Quilters Circle
      National Quilters Circle

      Hi Carolyn, The batting she used was very thin cotton. Usually Fairfiled but any thin natural batting will work.

  2. Leigha Baer
    Leigha Baer

    Can you be be specific about how you sew over the dryer scraps? Don’t all the threads get tangled up in the presser foot? Thanks 🙂

    • National Quilters Circle
      National Quilters Circle

      Yes, the threads can get caught up in the presser foot. I use a closed toe, free motion foot. When a thread gets caught in the foot, I just cut it away and keep stitching. I go over the thread schlubs enough times so that any cut away bit isn’t loose. It can be a bit of a pain when you first start, but you’ll get the hang of it with a little practice.

  3. Servanne

    I think you are a very talented person and i love what you do and the way you use fabric, colours, stitches, shapes and all kind of various material to create these awesome pieces of art.

  4. Meg Nicolson
    Meg Nicolson

    Heather, I have been really “blown out of the water” by the work you have shown in this video. It is truly magic! I now feel so inspired, thank you very, very much…Meg

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