Colleen Tauke

Binding Tips and Tricks

Colleen Tauke
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Duration:   31  mins

Colleen shares her tips and tricks for binding, cutting, preparing, applying, and finishing a quilt. Whether you are new to quilting or a seasoned pro, these simple techniques can always be sharpened!

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15 Responses to “Binding Tips and Tricks”

  1. Cherry

    Binding directions

  2. Kay willms

    Thanks now I think I can Bind my quilts.

  3. Karen Counsell

    I’m looking forward to listen to the lesson

  4. Gigi

    Thank you

  5. Lourdes Buie

    Loved the binding tips. Very useful.

  6. Lourdes Buie

    Love it I’m from California and I love all the tips. Thank You for all the information.

  7. Marilyn Schick

    Very happy to watch you video on Binding Tips and Tricks today. I will have a quilt throw and a wall hanging that need to be bond later this week. I am from Vancouver Island, BC. Canada. Thank you so much for this video.

  8. Karen

    Today’s quilters do not use a binding tuck for joining the first and last strips. That is call lumpy. Today we do a final miter to make the final join. No lump. If you prepare your binding width and use the proper seam allowance the edge of your quilt will be totally encased in your quilt top and batting.

  9. Mary Olsen

    Watching from Paris Texas

  10. Susan

    Can you Clarify something about the binding corner where are you said to be a little sloppier? Are you saying that when you fold the binding up over the part you just stitched, and then fold down, that’s where you should leave a little extra fabric at the top? Thanks! This was a great video!

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