Joining Binding Ends

Toby Lischko
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Duration:   24  mins

When attaching a binding to your quilt, whether big or small, joining the ends can be tricky.

In this video, Toby Lischko demonstrates four different ways to join your ends when binding your quilt, starting with one of the easier methods and progressing to more difficult ones.

Quilt Binding

After you’ve learned how to make binding for your quilt, how to bind a quilt, and how to both attach the binding to the quilt and miter the corners, the only thing left is learning how to join the quilting binding ends together.

Four Methods

Toby explains that there are four main ways that quilt binding ends can be joined. These methods include ways to both sew the ends together and how to overlap the ends.

She begins by demonstrating the easiest way to join binding ends by simply overlapping the binding. She explains what length the two ends need to be trimmed at and shows how to measure and mark that before cutting.

She then shows how to fold over the raw edge of one end, overlaps the two ends and then folds the binding into place before stitching.

Toby then demonstrates a similar technique using a straight join, however instead of being overlapped the ends are stitched. Again, Toby explains what length the binding ends need to be cut at in order for everything to lay flat when the two ends are stitched together, and she shows how to measure, mark and cut them before sewing.

She then demonstrates two more ways to join quilt binding ends, one where they overlap and one where they are sewn together- however, for these, rather than being straight joins or overlaps they are done on an angle.

After you master these four different ways of joining quilt binding ends, check out more quilt binding tips!

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