ZJ Humbach

Accessories for Quilting Rulers

ZJ Humbach
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Duration:   4  mins

Clear acrylic quilting rulers in various sizes are a favorite to use among most quilters; however, they can tend to slip on fabric. ZJ Humbach shows you several quilting tools that can be used to help hold your rulers in place and make cutting safer and more efficient.

Fabric Grippers

Fabric grippers are small, sticky dots that can be added to your quilting rulers, and ZJ shows how easy they are to use. She demonstrates how to position them in the corners of the ruler and how they can be easily removed or repositioned. Since the fabric grippers are clear, the ruler can still easily be seen through, no matter where the dots are placed. Fabric grippers help hold quilting rulers securely on top of the fabric, preventing it from slipping and making cutting fabric with a rotary cutter safer.

Static Stickers

Static stickers are another accessory that can be added to quilting rulers. Static stickers come in a large sheet with a grid on the back, making them easy to cut to any size. ZJ demonstrates how a strip cut from the static sticker sheet can be placed on the back of a ruler and used to help line up fabric. Having a line highlighted with the static sticker can help make cutting more efficient.

Other Uses

Since static stickers come in large sheets, there will be plenty left for other uses after a strip is cut for any of your quilting rulers. Consider cutting a small strip and sticking it to your machine as a seam allowance guide. Since the sticker has a small amount of height to it, lining fabric up along the sticker is quick and easy. Static stickers can also be used for sewing room organization, as you can write on them and use them as labels. Static stickers adhere with static cling, rather than an adhesive, so there is no need to worry about a sticky residue on your machine or any other surface if it needs to be repositioned.

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2 Responses to “Accessories for Quilting Rulers”

  1. Betty

    Please send me a link to purchase the bright pink static sticker sheet referenced in this video. Thank you!

  2. Pam

    Where can I purchase the static stickers? I checked my local quilting stores and Amazon with no luck. Thank you.

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