Quilting and Sewing Safety Issues

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Duration: 6:39

ZJ Humbach expresses the importance of, “Safety first, safety last, and safety always,” when using quilting tools. Hear personal stories and valuable lessons on how to prevent potential injuries. Learn how to use quilting tools correctly and efficiently with specific techniques. Utilize these tips when using quilting instruments to create your own beautiful quilts.

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6 Responses to “Quilting and Sewing Safety Issues”

    • jean.wozniak

      Hi Jan. Most quilt stores offer a variety of rulers. Look for one that has a raised edge along the cutting side.

  1. MaryJo

    Good reminders, and since I’m such a klutz, I especially liked your mantra “safety first, safety last, safety always”. Thanks, ZJ!

  2. Janet Hammond
    Janet Hammond

    ZJ, this is an excellent video. Thank you for telling us your cut fingertip story. You can NEVER be too careful around blades. Also thanks for telling us about the brilliant Fingerguard Ruler!

  3. Susan Barutt
    Susan Barutt

    OMG! I did the exact same thing!! Cut off a little chunk of my finger tip – twice!! On the same finger! Luckily no stitches were required, but I learned my lesson the hard way! I’ll have to get one of those rulers with the finger guard. Nice to know it exists!