NQC LIVE! December 2020


Welcome everyone to our December NQC Live Q&A event! Join Colleen Tauke and Nicki LaFoille as they chat about everything quilting this Tuesday, December 8th at 10:00 am CT.

Watch while they are live to get your questions answered or watch the playback video whenever you can!

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9 Responses to “NQC LIVE! December 2020”
  1. Demity Baughman
    Demity Baughman

    I’m new at this and having a great time – I’m making about 20 small gifts for Christmas. My Simple Singer sewing machine is working fine – except it makes a squeaking noise as I’m sewing. Is this OK or do I need to have it looked at? (I’m reluctant to spend much money on it since I think I might want to invest in a nice embroidery/sewing machine down the road.)

  2. Demity Baughman
    Demity Baughman

    Speaking of taking care of pinking shears – is it OK to hang your scissors on a magnetic knife rack?