Tips for Preventing Quilting Injuries

Erin Russek
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Duration:   16  mins

Quilter Erin Russek and certified personal trainer Michael Engman walk through ways to set up your quilting space in order to be comfortable, efficient and pain free. He focuses on body positioning and posture and the importance of that in our quilting. Watch and learn today so that you can continue your favorite hobby while staying injury and pain free!

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6 Responses to “Tips for Preventing Quilting Injuries”

  1. Phyllis

    Need to know how to get the right height for my new cutting table. He didnt explain how to deturmen that, just how to fix what you have.

    • Customer Service

      Hello Phyllis,

      The correct height for your table can be determined based on your height. You will want your table to be tall enough that you can stand and work at it comfortably without having to bend over at the waist at all. A good height for this is right around your navel. If you measure from there to the floor that should give you a good idea of how high of a table you should look for.
      Hope this helps!

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