Creating Templates for Foundation Piecing

Dana Jones
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Duration:   13  mins

In this video, Dana Jones shows you a helpful technique for making templates you can use for foundation piecing. You will learn how to be more precise when piecing your quilt together, and you’ll see how beneficial it is to use less fabric when exercising this technique.

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8 Responses to “Creating Templates for Foundation Piecing”

  1. Tina

    Thank you for the precise demonstration. Much appreciated by this new quilter

  2. Brit

    There is a lot of really good information on paper piecing here. However, on the one hand she talks of conserving fabric, but then she cuts practically in the middle of the fabric, wasting an enormous amount. I think it would be more consistent to show how one should position the fabric before cutting.

  3. Mary

    Play stopped in the middle and cannot get it to work again - help and thanks

  4. Wanda

    I really enjoyed this video. I have paper pieced before but this method is so much clearer than stitching random shapes and then trimming them.

  5. Susan

    Could not get the video to play.

  6. Customer Service

    Hi Marilyn - Thank you for your interest in National Quilter Circle and question about closed captioning. Currently, we do not offer closed captioning on our videos. However, we will pass along your suggestion to our development team. We appreciated member feedback and use it to help us improve our products. Thank you for your feedback

  7. Pauline

    a good tip for people who are doing this parallelagram is to remember that you need to stack your fabric with right side up at all times or you will end up with half going a different way to the other half.

  8. Marilyn Hunter

    I am unable to watch this as there are no cc! Could u pls add cc to all of your videos so that Deaf people like myself can watch it? Thank u Marilyn H

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