How to Make a Pinwheel Quilt Block

Dana Jones
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Duration:   6  mins

Dana Jones teaches you how to create a beautiful pinwheel quilt in this National Quilters Circle video. She walks you through the step-by-step process, demonstrating each of the necessary techniques that you’ll need to arrange, stitch and press the pinwheels in preparation for application to a quilt.

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4 Responses to “How to Make a Pinwheel Quilt Block”

  1. Duncan Garrison

    I do not cut off the "dog-ears" of my HSTs. This gives me a little more seam allowance aiding the center separation step. I also do not make the seam allowance cut that she is suggesting. The "dog-ears" are left as part of the "mini-block" at my center, and they then make a sort of ramp to gradually quilt over if your quilting pattern passes through the Pinwheel center.

  2. Sharon Lambert

    Very helpful. Thank you.

  3. P J

    Clearly done in precise steps! Thanks!

  4. Charlotte coleman

    I find this information very helpful and easy to read makes me want to get busy

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