Kaleidoscope Block

Toby Lischko
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Duration:   29  mins

Kaleidoscope quilt patterns are viewed as being very difficult patterns, however, Toby Lischko shows you that they aren’t as tricky as they look. Learn how to cut and piece a kaleidoscope quilt block in this step-by-step tutorial.

Kaleidoscope Quilt Block

To begin constructing the kaleidoscope quilt block, Toby explains that you will need a block pattern. With the pattern, you will also need templates. Some kaleidoscope quilt patterns come with acrylic templates that you can purchase along with the pattern to make cutting out the pieces quicker and easier. The pattern Toby is using has those templates. If the pattern you are using does not, you can always make your own by tracing the necessary shapes onto cardstock or another stiff template material to make your own templates.

Once you have your templates for your kaleidoscope quilt block, Toby shares tips on how to make sure that the templates don’t move or slip when cutting out your pieces. She then demonstrates how to measure your templates so that you can begin cutting strips of fabric using a standard ruler and then use your template to cut out the needed shapes.

Toby also explains that she likes to use a smaller rotary cutter when cutting out template pieces, as it makes going around the shapes easier. Once all of the pieces have been cut out, Toby shows how to lay them all out according to your pattern and then how to begin piecing them all together. She shows how to chain piece her pieces together, how to press the seams and how to make sure everything is aligned.

Toby also explains what order the pieces need to be stitched in in order to make sure that you can align seams and stitch the block using traditional straight piecing techniques and not require any y-seams. Once you learn how to construct this fun kaleidoscope quilt block, check out a fun idea for fussy cutting techniques for kaleidoscope effects.

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