Making Narrow Borders

Dana Jones
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Duration:   12  mins

Dana Jones shows you two helpful techniques for making a narrow border on your quilts. She demonstrates each technique while teaching you how to put quarter inch strips into your quilts. Find out when to utilize this simple technique and see how beneficial these tips can truly be for you. Improve your quilting skills today with these quilting techniques for making narrow borders.

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7 Responses to “Making Narrow Borders”

  1. Liz

    Lovely clear instructions. Thanks

  2. rejonesny

    When watching any Premium Video they do not completely run. I am a premium member and would really like to see more than just half of the video

  3. Hiromi

    The video of narrow borders goes off and on

  4. Pat Hurdle

    are you a teacher? you are very good. Pat

  5. Customer Service

    Thanks Shula!

  6. Shula

    Excellent demonstration of the narrow border application, a very difficult technique, for me at least! I learned a lot about both techniques. Even though I love paper piecing, I especially enjoyed the demo of the second method because I have never been able to make a narrow border that way all the way around the quilt. Thanks!

  7. Shirley

    The first method you demonstrated, you were very lucky to actually get your 1/4" strip, as you did not fold back the paper and "add a 1/4" before cutting. It appeared that you would be on the very edge of the cut strip after sewing.

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