9 Quick and Easy Quilt Applique Techniques

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Quilt applique can be done in a variety of ways, from machine to hand stitching, and with the use of many different products to make the process easier. Laura Roberts shows you several ways to quilt applique and shares many tips and tricks along the way.


An easy way to ensure smooth edges on turned quilt applique is to use templates. Laura shows several different products that can be used, including cardstock and heat resistant plastic. She demonstrates how easy the fabric can be to press around the edges of the stiff card or plastic. Laura also shows a great way to ensure smooth edges around a curve by using a running stitch to pull the fabric taut around the template shape. Once edges have been pressed under, starch can be used to stiffen the shape. Laura also demonstrates how liquid starch or even spray starch can be brushed onto the fabric before pressing to help securely press the edge. Once a shape has been pressed, it is ready to be used for any applique technique, from hand stitching to shadow applique.

Reverse and Raw Edge Applique

Reverse applique is another popular type of quilt applique and can be done in a variety of ways. Laura demonstrates how to do reverse applique by turning under the edge along a cut out shape to reveal a different color fabric underneath. The turned edge can then be stitched down to secure. Raw edge applique is another type of quilt applique that can be done with either machine or hand stitching. Laura shows several different techniques, including one that is great for kids to try out.

Helpful Products

Along with all the different quilt applique methods Laura shows, she also discusses how to use several products that can make applique easier. She demonstrates how to use freezer paper, fusible web and fusible interfacing. She also gives tips for how to easily remove the paper backing from fusible web as well as how to troubleshoot if your fusible product is not adhering.

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