How to Make a Needle Book

Laura Stone Roberts
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Duration:   24  mins

Laura Roberts shows you how to make a simple needle book out of wool. Learn how embroider it, add an index, and finish it with a button to keep it closed. Some of the materials you will need are five pieces of felted wool (5 x 6), snaps, handmade paper, and fusible web.

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11 Responses to “How to Make a Needle Book”

  1. Verna

    I was wondering where you buy your felted wool and where you found the little plastic balls for the thread balls? Thanks

    • Customer Service

      Hi Verna. Unfortunately I am not sure where this instructor purchased her supplies, however you can find various types, sizes and color of felted wool through many retailers online.
      National Quilters Circle

  2. Margaret Daddis

    This is the video I wanted and the video picture was off more than on! Otherwise the material was interesting.

  3. Joyce Hardin

    I can’t get any videos to play cant even get any thing to open. Any thing I need to do extra to make it work.

    • Customer Service

      Dear Joyce,

      Please see the prior response.

      Kind Regards,

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      Dear Joyce,

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  4. JoAnn Koozer

    I’m trying to find a source for the silk thread with beads and sequins already on the threads. Can’t find them online. Any suggestions? Thanks. I loved this video and learned many little helpful details.

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