Fun Finishes for Raw Edges

Laura Stone Roberts
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Duration:   33  mins

When you applique a project, you often want a nice edge and clean finish! Laura Roberts teaches you several fun finishes for raw edges. Learn how to stitch inside the edges and see many of her finished examples. Improve your quilting skills today by using these helpful tips and techniques for stitching the raw edges of your applique.

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6 Responses to “Fun Finishes for Raw Edges”


    I have done edging on raw edge embroidery applique for awhile now but was always frustrated with the blanket stitch on corners and turns. Thankyou for showing me how to handle them. Such and intuitive solution but it excaped me.

  2. Kim Campbell

    WOW, it is much easier than I thought it would be. Thank you. But now I am jealous of the fancy stitches as I have a very basic mechanical machine.


    Your a great teacher, easy to understand. I have learned a lot with your class. You rock!♥️

  4. Rosalyn Johnson

    This was fantastic. I loved the attention to detail and I learned a lot and got helpful tip on processes I did know about. Thanks.

  5. Reina Caballero Gil

    Hi. I enjoyed this video. It is fantastic and helpful. I will follow these instructions. I recommend it.

  6. janapka

    Moc hezké a velmi poučné video, děkuji.

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