Choosing the Best Sewing Machine Needles

Laura Stone Roberts
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Duration:   4  mins

There are many different sewing machine needles on the market today and many have specific uses. Laura Roberts teaches you about several different types of needles and explains how to choose the best sewing machine needles for any project.

Needle Size

No matter what type of needle you choose, it will be available in different sizes. Laura explains the difference between American and European sizing and shows where the sizes can be found on the needle package. Whether you go by the American or European size, the larger the number the bigger the needle. American needle sizes range from 8 to 18, while European sizes range from 60 to 110.

Needle Types

Sewing machine needles come in many varieties. Laura walks you through several and explains what are the best sewing machine needles to use for various fabrics and threads.

  • Universal – This is one of the most commonly used needles and is generally the needle that comes with the sewing machine. It has a slightly rounded point and can be used on both knit and woven fabric.
  • Jean/Denim – This needle has a very sharp point and is best used for denim, jean or other heavyweight fabric. Laura explains that it is also good to use if stitching through multiple layers of fabric.
  • Ball Point – This needle has a slightly rounded tip and is best used on knit fabrics. Laura explains how this type of needle can help eliminate runs or puckers in the fabric.
  • Metallic/Topstitch – Both of these needles have a larger eye. Laura shows how this is not only helpful when sewing with metallic thread, but also with other quilting thread that is thicker and may shred when going through the eye of a smaller needle.

  • New Needles

    Even if you are using the best sewing machine needles for your project, it’s also important to be using a new, sharp needle. Laura suggests to change out your needle with each new projects to ensure the best quality stitches.

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      When do you use a microtex needle and for which fabrics.

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