Heather Thomas

Doodle Patterns and Quilting

Heather Thomas
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Duration:   6  mins

In this video, Heather Thomas makes sure you are doodling with meaning. Learn about designs that use straight or curvy line designs and some that combine the two. She shows you free motion loops, swirls, circles, clam shell, geography/thumbprint, strait edge spiral, squares, making tracks, and a basket weave.

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5 Responses to “Doodle Patterns and Quilting”

  1. Catherine Anderson

    I enjoyed the quilting sessions so much!

  2. Pam Rossmann

    Do you have a book covering the doodle quilt blocks. Absolutely love these designs. Would love to learn more.

  3. cynthia.parent

    Great information, Heather. Thank you! In addition to being creative and talented, it seems you are also infinitely patient. I just love your work.

  4. Allyson Smith

    Partially through this video it becomes visually scrambled, which is so disappointing. I loved the beginning of this video and I wonder if the file has somehow been corrupted. I restarted it and the beginning of it is still normal. I think the problem is the website... Hope it can be fixed. Thank you!

  5. Sandra

    How did you attach your white doodle quilt square to the background? Is the whole background piece made and quilted and then the doodle quilt square attached? I would love to attempt something like this.

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