Heather Thomas

Stenciling with Shiva Paintstiks

Heather Thomas
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Duration:   15  mins

Heather Thomas shows you how to use stenciling with shiva paintstiks in quilt and garment making. Whether you rub or paint it directly, the color is permanent and washable. You’ll learn about the tools you need for this process, including stencil brushes, orange cleaner and baby wipes. You will be shown how to make freezer paper stencils you can cut yourself or use commercially made stencils.

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5 Responses to “Stenciling with Shiva Paintstiks”

  1. Cathy Henderson

    Loved your video on painting with Shiva Paintstiks. Your quilts are beautiful. I would like to know if the paintstiks are safe to use on a baby quilt? I was thinking of stenciling a design in the center and on a few squares to be used in the quilt for my new grandbaby. The last time I painted with stencils was on a wall many years ago. Thank you!

  2. jan clark

    love shiva paintstiks ideal it's the first time I see this! It so beautiful.

  3. Kathy

    I think it looks like fun. I didn't think the stiks were all that expensive.

  4. Sue

    Those things cost a fortune. How about teaching us something we don't have to empty our wallets to do.

  5. Lisa Glennie

    Wow,that is so amazing. Thank you for demonstrating this for us. I will be doing this soon. Your work is so beautiful. :-)

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