Violet Craft Seam Roller

Kelly Ashton
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Duration:   2  mins

A quilting seam roller can be a quick and easy alternative to an iron when assembling units, especially if your quilting setup doesn’t allow for an iron easily within reach. Kelly Ashton shows you how to use one and explains which one is her favorite and why.

Quilting Seam Roller

Kelly begins by explaining when and how using a quilting seam roller can come in handy when assembling a project. She then shows her preferred brand of this quilting tool by Violet Craft and highlights some of the features it has. She shows both the handle of the roller and the roller itself, which is made of wood. She explains that this will help to ensure that it holds up well to repeated use, as the wooden versions of these tools can be heavier, meaning they require less pressure from the user.

Kelly then uses a simple half square triangle block to demonstrate how to use the quilting seam roller. She explains that it is important to begin with the seam opened as far as possible and then roll the quilting seam roller along the seam, applying some pressure to the fabric. Kelly shows how she likes to hold the roller, which is the most comfortable for her but also shows other ways the roller can be held and used. She demonstrates that you might need to roll over the seam several times, or use short back and forth motions to make sure the seam is laying flat.

Kelly then explains that while using this quilting seam roller while assembling units can save lots of time and eliminate the need to get up and go to an iron after each seam, pressing quilt seams with an iron is still necessary. Kelly recommends that after using the quilting seam ruler to assemble several units or sections of a block, you should then press that block with an iron prior to assembling the full quilt or project.

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One Response to “Violet Craft Seam Roller”


    This looks identical to the Wallpaper Seam Roller I've used to press the seams of each wallpaper drop (sheet of wallpaper applied to the wall). Thank you for showing the different ways to hold and use the device.

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