Quilt Binding Tips

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Duration: 9:50

Diane Harris teaches you how to join binding using a diagonal seam. Learn some valuable quilting tips for deciding which direction to sew, how to press your seams, and how long to trim the seam allowance.

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4 Responses to “Quilt Binding Tips”

  1. Hilary Stencil
    Hilary Stencil

    I always think of the letter “A” when I make binding. The only part of the letter that’s missing is the line that goes across the letter “A”.

  2. Renee Stewart
    Renee Stewart

    I found this to be a very helpful way to join the ends of the binding. However, it wasn’t clear exactly where on the ends she snipped the fabric. Was it on the bottom of each end or the top. Please explain in more detail. Thanks.


    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello Renee,

      She snipped the fabric along the bottom raw edges of the fabric.
      Hope this helps!

      Ashley NQC Video Membership

  3. Lynn Klein
    Lynn Klein

    This has been the best video explaining this method. I always have a problem remembering which way to lay the ends open. Great job !