Curved Edge Quilts with Bias Binding

Diane Harris
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Duration:   21  mins

Need a new way to finish your latest quilt? Diane Harris demonstrates her methods – and provides some helpful hints – for adding a curved edge to quilts while finishing them with a bias binding. See how Diane avoids handstitching by binding with a machine. Follow each step and add a curved edge to your next quilt!

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6 Responses to “Curved Edge Quilts with Bias Binding”

  1. Jan

    Why the walking foot?

  2. stitching.lady

    Loved this idea and used it on a baby quilt - the only thing I did differently was to hand finish the binding which is my personal preference.

  3. Beverly Jenkins

    That was very helpful . She gave alot of information and step by step. Thanks!!

  4. Kathleen

    Sorry but the stitch she is using is the knit seam stitch. The blind hem stitch goes "straight-straight-straight-zigzag to the LEFT-straight-straight, etc". The BHS is set so that the fold of the garment is to the left of the needle and the single bite stitch is into a few threads of the garment. The stitch that goes to the right is to sew a stretch fabric and provide a non-continuous straight stitch that would break if the fabric is pulled as a stretch knit should.

  5. Kathleen

    This video is effective but dangerous! The artist repeatedly leaves her rotary cutter laying on the workspace and even keeps it in her hand and waving it around with the blade exposed. Bad habit to teach!!

  6. jean powell jones

    very informative and interesting ideas

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