Quilt Binding Basics

Diane Harris
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Duration:   23  mins

Finishing a quilt with binding isn’t a difficult thing to learn. Diane Harris provides helpful tips and techniques for binding a finished quilt. Go through each step with Diane to ensure successful binding on your quilt. Find out how fun and easy these binding techniques can be!

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13 Responses to “Quilt Binding Basics”

  1. Alison

    This was SO HELPFUL! I admit my first quilt binding was rushed and very amateur looking. I cannot wait to use this information on my next quilt. Thank you so much, Diane!

  2. PETRA

    Dear Diane, you are a life saver! I was so mixed up not knowing how to do a corner in the binding on the quilt i am making and then found you tutorial. You are a wonderful teacher, so clear and calm ! Even for Dutch ears! Thank you so much for this great tutorial, it makes the finishing of the large quilt for my granddaughter such a pleasure. Kind regards, Petra van Seventer, Haarlem --The Netherlands

  3. Georgia

    This lady talks way to slow, she left her rotary cutter with the blade exposed, and she should have had her fabric closer to her front to utilize the whole cutting mat. I couldn't watch the whole video, due to boredom.

  4. Janet Hammond

    Thank you Diane for a very comprehensive tutorial on making and applying binding. This is great information, well presented. Diane, you are a very accomplished quilter and a great instructor - thanks once again.

  5. Jonna

    I am a new quilter. I have watched many tutorials. Yours was so easy to understand. We’re you a teacher?

  6. Charlene Gross

    I noticed that it appears you have stitched 1/8" away from the edge all around the quilt. Should this always be done?

  7. Joan Quintana

    There are much easier ways to do binding.

  8. Primrose Bohne

    I really like the way the binding was joined at the end! Away from you, right binding up!!

  9. Glenda Conrady

    Great video work

  10. Celia Baldwin

    how can i save this so i can find it easy again to watch

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