Log Cabin Quilt Squares with Scraps

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Many quilters develop a large stash of scrap fabrics from all of our projects over the years. Aurora Sisneros shows us a fun way to use up that stash of scrap fabric by creating log cabin quilt squares. Watch and learn how to take any fabric you may have lying around, and turn them into beautiful quilt squares to use yourself or give as a gift!

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11 Responses to “Log Cabin Quilt Squares with Scraps”
  1. Tina Johnson

    I like the extra points you’ve make about making sure your square stays square. I will use that extra point about checking your alignment during trimming. Thanks

  2. Angelmom6601

    Thanks for all the good ideas and points you offered. I am definitely going to try this !

  3. Marsha Schmutz

    Thank you I am making this pattern for a quilt now, I love you easy to understand video.I love the tips on the square pattern of the quilt, how to press, thank you this made alot of sence to me and will make my quilt go a lot quicker.

    • Customer Service

      Hello Pamela,

      As long as you are being cautious as to not stretch the fabric as you run it through your machine, you should not have to worry about the bias at all.

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  4. MARY

    Great video. I’ve been wanting to do a log cabin and you make it sound simple enough to try. If I want to use 2.5-inch strips, how do I figure the size of a center square?

    • Customer Service

      Hi Mary,

      If you are planning to use 2 1/2″ strips- you can also start with a 2 1/2″ square.


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  5. Jody Cheap

    I save all the scraps and strings from any quilt I make and if the fabric is smaller than a 2 inch block, I place them and the strings in a separate box to be used as the filling or stuffing in a pet bed that would be give to the local animal shelter.

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      Hello Naomi,

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