Easy to Make Mug Rugs from Charm Squares

Kelly Hanson
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Duration:   7  mins

If you are looking for a nice gift idea, this is the project for you. Kelly Hanson shows us how to make a mug rug that are perfect for holding coffee or tea without making a mess. This gift is easy to make and is perfect for friends or family this holiday season. Choose some fun fabric, and start working on those holiday gifts with this quilting tutorial!

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2 Responses to “Easy to Make Mug Rugs from Charm Squares”

  1. Jan

    I love this dark blue Christmas fabric used in the project. Can you tell me who makes it and if you happen to know who still has it? Great video as well. Probably my favorite since I joined last year! Thanks, Jan

  2. Melody

    These are so cute, and just beautiful! I made a pile of them for my partner to give away at work using mini charms in a simple 9 patch. They came out so cute! And...since I am a newb, they were an excellent way for me to learn and practice both quilting and binding! I love small projects! I would really like to see more of them!

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