Momento: Log Cabin Potholder

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Duration:   21  mins

The Singer Momento cutting machine makes cutting fabric shapes quick, easy, and precise, without a ruler and rotary cutter. Nicki LaFoille demonstrates how to use it to cut out the squares and rectangles needed to construct a quilt-as-you-go log cabin potholder.

The potholder finishes at 7” square, and Nicki discusses the necessary supplies, and the fabric dimensions needed.

Download the mySewnet crafting software, and check out the array of pre-loaded basic shapes. Nicki walks you through how to choose the square shape and edit it to the desired square and rectangle sizes.

Nicki demonstrates how to smooth the fabric onto the cutting mat and load it into the machine. Send the file from the software to the cutting machine and let the Momento do the rest. Once the shapes are cut, eject the mat and peel away the excess fabric. Repeat this for each set of shapes cut out of different fabrics.

To construct the potholder, place the backing fabric wrong side up. Layer the cotton batting and insulated batting squares over it. Place the center square right side up in the center and place the remaining square right side down over it. Stitch one edge using a ¼” seam allowance, beginning and ending ¼” from the corners.

Press open the pieces. Then, align one of the 2 ½” rectangles right side down over the stitched pieces. Continue stitching down the rectangles along the outer edges until all pieces are attached.

Square up the edges, trimming away excess batting. Then, attach binding to the outer edge, mitering the corners as Nicki demonstrates.

Whether cutting simple shapes for a quilting project, or expanding your horizons with a complex applique, the Singer Momento makes cutting fabric easy and fun. Discover all the ways the Singer Momento can help elevate your crafting projects.

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